10 Tips To Boost Your Business As Per Astrology

Are you working hard but not getting expected gains? Is your business goes through a crisis? does one want to spice up your business and overcome the business challenges? If your answer is yes, then this post are often an excellent help for you.

The challenges within the business are common. There could also be no business within the world that’s barren of problems or has only witnessed opportunities and success. However, the matter arises once you feel helpless and hopeless about the expansion of the business. These are the days once you face setbacks and witness the failure of your efforts. You miss growth chances and if you grab them, you don’t find positive outcomes.

According to Vedic Astrology, all this happens due to the planetary obstruction and ill effects of astral combinations. The unfavorable positioning of planets influences your business growth and creates various hurdles and hardships. Thus, it’s always advisable to Consult a Business Astrologer and obtain effective remedies for your business problems. they will provide your solutions and offer inspiration to enhance your business possibilities.

Read on to understand the main expert remedies that are suggested by astrologers to get rid of business problems and attain business growth and opportunities.

10 Simple yet Effective Astrological Remedies for fulfillment in Business
Check out the effective and inerrable astrological remedies or totkas to urge desired success and growth in your business.

  1. Dhuni of Rai on Amavasya:
    Amavasya or No Moon day is that the best day to perform Jyotish Totkas or astrological remedies for booming business. On today , spread the Dhuni of Rai at your workplace or business place to eliminate the negative energies. This Totka will remove hurdles in your business and can enhance prosperity and business sales.
  2. Shree Yantra and Shivling:
    Place energized Narmadeshwar Shivling and Shree Yantra at the business work area. confirm you worship both of those Divine units with utmost dedication. it’s believed that worshipping Narmadeshwar Shivling brings growth and prosperity when placed within the office. It increases concentration and specialise in employees and boosts the sale activities. Similarly, Shree Yantra is that the tool for attaining all desires. Its placement and worship bring name, fame, fortune, luck and wealth to the organization.
  3. Worship Peepal Leaf:
    Take one Peepal leaf and keep it on Saturday at your workplace. Worship this leaf with Dhup or incense stick and place it underneath where you sit. Perform this astrological ritual for seven Saturdays continuously. Once you’ve got collected the seven Peepal leaves like this, immerse these leaves during a river or sacred pond or lake or water source during a sanctum .
  4. Chant Gayatri Mantra to spice up Your Business:
    If you’re facing any business problem and wish a moment solution, then this astrological remedy for business growth is that the best. To perform this remedy, take an early morning bath and worship Surya Dev or Lord Sun by offering water. While Surya Worship always chants Gayatri Mantra and seeks blessings of the Lord. If possible, recite Aditya Hrudayam Stotram daily.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi:
    Keep the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi within the North-East corner of your office, factory or business place. Worship them daily while burning incense within the morning and night time . Worshipping Maa Lakshami on Friday night by chanting Shree Suktam Stotram and lightning nine earthen lamps or Diyas brings fortune to the business.
  6. Keep An Iron Dart during a Glass to spice up Your Business:
    Find an iron nail or dart from a store that’s doing a successful business. Keep this dart or nail during a bottle made from glass. Add granules of black urad dal within the glass bottle along side the dart or iron nail. Light incense sticks and Dhup frequently before it. confirm you place this glass bottle at a corner of your workplace where it’s not visible to people, especially your clients.
  7. Nazar Battu For Business Growth:
    The seven green chilies and lemon tied with thread are called “Nazar Battu”, the Totka to keep off the look . it’s believed that Nazar Battu helps in getting obviate the malevolent eye of Alakshami, the Goddess of poverty and misfortune. To perform this ritual, one should hang a green lemon tied with 7 green chilies on the doorway of one’s business place or shop or office. This Nazar Battu should be changed every Friday night and a replacement one should be tied on every Saturday morning.
  8. Sprinkle Pepper and Dark Grams:
    If you would like to grow your business and wish business growth opportunities, then you want to do this astrological remedy. Sprinkle the fistful of pepper and dark grams on Sunday at your workplace. Then, clean them yourself with a brush and bury them at an area where nobody can find or see them.
  9. Keep Workplace Clean to spice up Your Business:
    Always keep the workplace clean and tidy. Clean off all cobwebs and litter regularly. As per Vastu and Vedic astrology, it brings positive energy and prevents the entering of negative energy. you’ll also draw Swastik at the doorway to bring good luck and prosperity to your business.
  10. Keep Small Hand Mirror:
    Place alittle hand glass within the locker of your shop or office . Whenever you open the locker and see this mirror, clean it. confirm you charge this mirror in Sunlight once a month then again keep it back within the locker.

So, try these astrological remedies and permit good luck, prosperity and growth opportunities to enter your business. Also, you’ll take business astrology consultation to resolve the precise business problems and obtain guidance permanently growth in your business.

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