Apple’s first store in Mumbai delayed because of pandemic

The launch of Apple’s first offline store in India, announced for this year for Mumbai, is delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the corporate confirmed. Apple CEO Tim Cook had early last year announced that the corporate will open its first mercantile establishment in 2021.

While Apple features a strong franchise retail network across India, it’s online store launched last September has been helping the corporate reach buyers beyond its retail network. This January, in an earnings call after announcing the company’s 2020 results, Cook said Apple had sold over 1,000,000 devices within the country for the primary time.

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“If you’re taking India for instance , we doubled our business half-moon compared to a year ago,” he told analysts while qualifying that Apple’s “absolute level of business there’s still quite low relative to the dimensions of the chance .”

Since offline retail was closed for many of 2020, the unprecedented numbers in India were clearly fuelled by its new online presence cashing in on the pandemic-induced demand. within the Q1 2021 earnings call, Cook confirmed this underlines the good reaction the web store had got and the way he looked forward to the launch of offline retail.

In the recent Q3 earnings call, Cook attributed the “new June quarter revenue record of $81.4 billion, up 36% from last year” to double-digit growth in most markets, “with especially strong growth in emerging markets, including India, Latin America and Vietnam.”

In India, the cheaper iPhone SE is additionally helping shovel in numbers along side the older iPhone 11 and therefore the new iPhone 12 series. In fact, a recent CyberMedia Research report said Apple had clocked 140% growth within the Apple-June quarter powered by iPhone 11 which accounted for 60% of the shipments.

Apple, which has been in India for over 20 years now, has been manufacturing selected models in India over the previous couple of years. It also has an app accelerator in Bengaluru where it handholds Indian developers to form better and more commercially successful apps.

This June, Apple completed the reopening of all its US stores which had been pack up last year following the pandemic.