Career Changer who passed Sec+!!

I graduated from a cyber security bootcamp back in June, and I’ve been studying for the Security + exam for the last 2 months.

I’m a career changer (from sales) who is still looking to enter his first IT job that isn’t help desk, but today I feel I made an extra step towards my career goals by passing the Security+ SYS-601 exam!!

It was a hard test considering I don’t have any real world experience yet apart from my experience building gaming computers and bootcamp experience.

I used the CompTIA CertMaster as my primary study tool. I feel like it really helped me grasp concepts. However, Jason Dion practice exams in Udemy gave me a more accurate depiction of what the actual exam questions were like & helped me apply the knowledge I learned from the CertMaster.

Anyways, I’m going to ENJOY my weekend. Later everyone!!