Country Pakistan stand on to 97th Place on Digital Quality of Life Index 2021

Pakistan has dropped 14 spots to the 97th situation in the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2021. The nation positions 28th among 32 Asian nations on the current year’s rundown.

As per DQL Index 2021, the three regions where the nation played out the best are versatile speed development, broadband speed development, and portable moderateness.

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Pakistan positioned 41st in versatile speed development, 43rd in broadband speed development, and 48th in portable reasonableness.

The three regions where the nation played out the most noticeably awful are broadband speed, number of web clients, and organization availability.

Pakistan positioned 108th in broadband speed, 106th in the quantity of web clients, and 102nd in network status.

How about we have a more critical gander at Pakistan’s scorecard of every column in the DQL Index 2021.

This is the third release of the DQL Index which offers a one of a kind comprehension of the by and large advanced personal satisfaction of 110 nations dependent on five center columns. These five columns are web reasonableness, web quality, electronic framework, electronic security, and electronic government.