Everyone thinks they want to begin a podcast,” says Alex Cooper, the host of Call Her Daddy.

“But what is going into my show is so much greater than me just sitting down for an hour and banging out an audio clip.”
Clearly Spotify idea it had some thing unique – Alex signed a deal with them for a suggested $60m (£43m), making the sex and relationships podcast one of the most beneficial inside the international.
She joins other distinctive Spotify podcasters like Joe Rogan, Dax Shephard and Michelle and Barack Obama.
“If all of us involves me with an ‘Oh I simply need to begin a podcast’, I might give them advice that they need to have essentially no longer handiest a business plan, but a creative plan,” she says.
“I assume what listeners experience, as plenty as they love the authenticity this is podcasting, in addition they revel in feeling like that is a show.
“So many celebrities are trying to do it and occasionally it falls brief or they are no longer able to hold an target audience.”
‘You need to be real’

Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy best began three years in the past with then co-host Sofia Franklyn, who left final 12 months.
It turned into a space for sincere chats between pals as they navigated publish-university relationship and their frequently chaotic lives in New York.
But it developed to become more mature, overlaying the hosts’ intellectual health and conversations approximately going to remedy.
“At the start of Call Her Daddy I constantly checked out it and felt there had been actually some episodes being recorded [where] it was so calculated to have a particular phase about intercourse. It commenced to sense inauthentic.
“And once I’m not real is after I see the show isn’t always doing as properly.


“So I assume for the duration of the pandemic, the relationship I targeted most on become remedy and I suppose I’m so captivated with that right now,” Alex says.
Alex and Sofia determined to move separate methods last 12 months after some public agreement disputes with media organization Barstool Sports, which used to provide the podcast.
Sofia left as she wasn’t glad with the money on offer, even as Alex stayed. She describes it as “a without a doubt tough time”.
“It became extraordinarily exhausting and scary to no longer recognise what turned into going to appear every hour. There turned into always a lawyer calling or an agent calling,” she says.
The deal with Barstool Sports ended earlier this year – after which Spotify came calling.
“Negotiations are a sore spot for me due to the fact I had one of the craziest, most public negotiations inside the enterprise and all through a plague, so it is been plenty.
“But I do experience now I’m ultimately attending to take a deep breath and reflect back at the final 12 months,” says Alex.
Lex says she’s made errors inside the beyond with the advice she’s given.
“Now that I’m not chasing a man I think I even have a higher attitude on why I stated the ones things.”
She provides that her podcast will shift to mirror her lifestyles now she’s matured and is in a relationship.
“On my show I’m attempting to expose how with my non-public existence you may be a a success female, you could discover anything your lane is and you could have a successful dating and a person this is going to be supportive of your career,” Alex says.