Is Afghanistan’s Robotics Team Rescued?

Did you know? Ten girls from Afghanistan’s girls robotics team are rescued out of Afghanistan. “Several members of the women Afghan robotics team have safely arrived in Doha, Qatar, from Kabul, Afghanistan,” a press release from the Digital Citizen Fund and Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs said of the Afghan Girls Robotic Team.

The team, which consists of a gaggle of women ages 16-18 who have overcome hardship to pursue their love of engineering and robotics in Afghanistan, safely arrived in Doha, Qatar, days after Kabul fell to the Taliban.

“The Digital Citizen Fund (DCF), the team’s parent organization, is deeply grateful to the govt of Qatar for his or her outstanding support, including not only expediting the visa process but sending a plane after outbound flights from Afghanistan were repeatedly canceled,” the DCF said during a statement.

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Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, a member on the DCF, said that she and therefore the DCF founder had been working with Qatar since early August when it became clear that the Taliban would be overthrowing the govt .

“The flight out of Kabul was only at the very end of a journey during which safety was always a priority ,” she said.

“Ultimately the women ‘rescued’ themselves. If it weren’t for his or her diligence and courage to pursue an education, which brought them in touch with the planet , they might still be trapped. we’d like to still support them et al. like them,” she said. Unfortunately, several members of the team remain in Afghanistan. DCF is functioning with Qatar to rearrange transportation for the remaining members and their aides