Some Pro Tips To Boost Your Google Ads Instantly

With numerous moving parts in a mean Google Ads campaign, it’s not surprising that a lot of campaigns are either running at a loss, or suffer significantly reduced their ROI, thanks to poor optimization.

Google Ads vs Google Adwords

When it involves campaign optimization:

hilst it’s important to urge the fundamentals right – i.e. creating a super-strong relationship between the target keyword/audience, ad copy/creative and landing page – there are still many other elements and Google Ads features which will be overlooked.

Certainly, Google’s Recommendations feature (below) may be a good start line for PPC account managers, but this feature doesn’t cover all opportunities. And, some experienced PPC managers will raise an eyebrow at a number of the recommendations, as they might be perceived as working in Google’s interest – shhhh I didn’t say that!

To help improve your Google Ads ROI, I’ve put together some often overlooked ways to optimise your Google Ads campaigns. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but they ought to keep you busy, and you’ll hopefully see positive leads to a brief space of your time . Do let me know!

Add IP exclusions to your campaigns
Remember that ad targeting isn’t almost audiences you would like to reach; it’s also about audiences who offer no value to your campaign objectives. And as long as Google Ads typically uses a cost-per-click model, more clicks from the incorrect audiences equals reduced ROI.

Examples of audiences you DON’T want to focus on include, your own organisation’s employees, and in fact your competitors. Particularly with competitors, you certainly don’t want their clicks, but equally, why expose them to your ads, making a gift of your value proposition, your offers, your A/B tests and your beautifully-written ad copy or creative.

To exclude the above audiences from specific campaigns, make certain to feature the relevant IP addresses within the campaign settings “IP Exclusions” field.

To locate it, click on the relevant campaign settings, and you’ll find it under “additional settings” at rock bottom .

Note: your competitor’s website IP address

isn’t necessarily the IP address you would like to feature . attempt to locate their office IP address by watching one among the subsequent sources:

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